2. Ideas for Further Development

2.1. Modules Library

  • Enhanced support for finding and utilizing localization resources, such as translations.
  • Generic tester functions, which may be used with testing frameworks or for other purposes.
  • Unified parsing of command-line and config file options.
  • Extensions to the distutils.ccompiler module for proper support of standalone Mingw32 and Mingw64.
  • An extension to the logging module, which allows for logging to GUI message boxes. (Useful for showing critical errors before intended GUI subsytem is initialized or when operating in a headless or minimized-to-tray mode, in some cases.) Would try toolkit for current window manager first, before attempting to fallback to others.
  • Wrapper for the PDCurses library to provide a more-portable curses implementation with some interesting back-end options (e.g., SDL).
  • Wrapper for the AAlib or libcaca library.

2.2. Scripts Collections

  • Replacement, augmentation, deletion, or creation of text blocks within all files matching a pattern within a directory hierarchy. Allow for lines, matching a regular expression, to be preserved during replacement.
  • Searching and reporting on inventories used by Sphinx’s intersphinx extension.
  • Exploration and searching of the PE-COFF format.